Frequently Asked Questions
Why do I snore?
  Snoring is created by the vibration of the tissues lining the air passages read more...
Is Snoring Dangerous?
  Snoring is a major symptom of sleep apnoea (OSA). This is a serious condition which can cause read more...
What is Sleep Apnoea?
  Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) is where there are episodes of blockage
Will I live longer if I correct my snoring?
  Numerous studies show that snoring from sleep apnoea reduces survival. read more...
Are there effective and painless treatments?
  Lifestyle changes. If you are 'big boned', losing weight can reduces the amount.
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Welcome to The Snore Clinic

The Snore Clinic is a specialised professional medical practice which is dedicated to excellence in treatment of snoring and sleep apnoea (sleep apnoea, OSA). Our focus is on assessing problematic snoring which is actually a cardinal symptom of sleep apnoea- a major health risk - and providing effective, safe and proven therapies with lasting results.
Remember that snoring is more than just a nuisance. It can cause serious strain on relationships and it is often be a sign of something much more sinister OSA .

Call one of our friendly staff now on 1300 612 131 and take the first step to getting a quiet, peaceful sleep for you and your partner.
  • NO REFERRAL required & MEDICARE reimbursed
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  • PROFESSIONAL and experienced staff
  • Sleep Specialist supervised sleep analysis and therapies